Value Proposition

Asara has a growing oxide gold project at our flagship Kada Gold Project in the Siguiri Basin in Guinea; a 2Moz discovery in Burkina Faso; a Joint Venture with Teck on a Porphyry copper exploration project in Chile (Loreto) and a copper, silver-lead-zinc project next door (Paguanta). The focus this year is expanding the resource at Kada after releasing an updated Indiacted and Inferre Mineral Resource of 30.3Mt at 0.95 g/t gold for 923Koz in October 2023.

Why Invest?

Gold Projects

Significant potential for additional gold mineralisation outside existing gold resource areas.

Underexplored Prolific Gold Region

Strategically located in West Africa surrounded by major active gold companies.

Building on the Kada Maiden Mineral Resource

A Maiden JORC Mineral Resource at Kada was released in Mar 2022.

Experienced Board & Management

Considerable West African experience with a proven track record and history of success.

Ongoing Drilling Programs

Exceptional exploration upside with current drilling programs to build on existing resources.

Corporate Directory

Directors & Management

Brett Montgomery

Non Executive Chairman

Tim Strong

Managing Director
BSc (Hons) Applied Geology, MBA International Mineral Resources Management, MIMMM, RSci, ACSM

Doug Jones

Non-Executive Director

Richard Zongo

Exploration Manager - West Africa
BSc, MSc (Geol)

Kathryn Davies

Executive Director

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Suite 1
130 Hay Street
Subiaco WA 6008

T: + 61 8 6374 2654

E: info@asararesources.com

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ASX Code: AS1

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Link Market Services Limited
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T: 1300 554 474
T: +61 1300 554 474 (outside of Australia)
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